Review: Acebeam Pokelit 2AA - an almost-penlight with high output and great color quality

This Acebeam Pokelite 2AA was provided by Acebeam for review.


The Acebeam Pokelit 2AA is a simple long, skinny two-mode tailswitch light with excellent color quality and the ability to use an unusual 141000 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two AAs. Few lights with this much battery capacity are this thin, and it's rare that they have USB-charging batteries. For those who want both, Acebeam has the only option.

The main thing I find myself missing is a third mode, other than waiting for high to thermal-throttle to about 50%. When running on AA, the throttling seems unnecessary, or it would be if there was a medium mode the user could select to extend battery life. For those who like the form factor and think two modes is just fine, the Pokelit 2AA is conditionally recommended.


Spec -
Battery 1x141000, 2xAA
LED Nichia 519A
Color temperature 5155K
Color rendering index 94
Max output (Li) 818lm
Max output (AA) 387lm
Max throw (Li) 85m
Max throw (AA) 58m
Max sustainable output (Li) 357lm
Max sustainable output (AA) 113lm
Max output at 50% battery 562lm
Best efficiency 132 lm/W (high, AA)
Candela per lumen 2.2 (floody)
Length 144mm
Head diameter 18.2mm
Weight 42g
Weight with battery 86g
Charging USB-C (compliant) on battery
Low Voltage Protection (LVP)
Lockout No
Approximate price $40
Rating ★★★☆☆ (conditionally recommended)


  • Excellent color rendering
  • Good efficiency
  • Thin
  • Solidly built


  • 141000 battery is rare and doesn't fit in chargers
  • No lockout
  • Three modes would be better

Details and technical analysis


The Pokelit 2AA comes in green or black. This is the green version.


A battery, pocket clip, USB cable, spare O-rings, and user manual are included.

Modes and user interface

The Pokelite 2AA has two modes: low and high, with a forward clicky tailswitch. That means half-pressing the switch turns the light on momentarily, and a full press locks it on. Quickly turning the light off and on switches modes. There is no mechanical lockout.

Output, runtime, and efficiency

AA battery

Mode Advertised Lumens Estimated Lumens Percent of claim Estimated throw (FL1 meters)
Low 0.5 1 200 -
Throttled 100 113 113 44
High 300 387 129 58

141000 battery

Mode Advertised Lumens Estimated Lumens Percent of claim Estimated throw (FL1 meters)
Low 20 27 114 51
Throttled 360 475 132 78
High 600 817 136 85


Mode Estimated lumens Minutes to 80% Minutes to 50% Minutes to 10% Efficiency (lm/W) Current (mA)
Low AA 1 - - 271 hours 60 7
High AA 387 0.87 2.19 288 132 1260
Low 141000 28 - - 22 hours 94 73
High 141000 817 1.1 26 111 112 2250

Light quality

Readings are taken from the center spot diffused with DC Fix diffusion film using an X-rite i1Pro spectrophotometer.

AA battery

Mode Color Temperature Tint Duv CRI CRI R9 (deep red) CRI R12 (deep blue)
Low 5022K 0.0034 (moderately green) 96.9 97.0 75.6
Throttled 5158K 0.0029 (slightly green) 93.9 84.8 78.3
High 5148K 0.0030 (moderately green) 93.4 83.3 78.2

141000 battery

Mode Color Temperature Tint Duv CRI CRI R9 (deep red) CRI R12 (deep blue)
Low 5039K 0.0042 (moderately green) 94.3 87.4 77.5
Throttled 5115K 0.0019 (slightly green) 93.7 83.1 79.2
High 5190K 0.0021 (slightly green) 93.2 81.7 78.7

There is no PWM flicker, but all modes have a high-frequency ripple. It is not visible to the eye, but could affect cameras in some circumstances.


Max output vs Zebralight SC64c LE

Stable output vs SC64c LE

AA batteries max vs stable

White wall vs SC64c LE

Batteries and charging

A 141000 Li-ion battery is included. This is an unusual size, but not entirely unique to Acebeam; Nitecore has offered a similar battery in the past. It is likely both are made from two 14500 cells wired internally in parallel.

The included battery has a USB-C port for charging. It seems to be standards-compliant and can charge from all USB power supplies and cables. It cannot, however fit into any slot charger I've ever seen. Charging from USB takes about 4 hours.

Two The Pokelit 2AA can, as the name suggests also use two AA batteries. It is not rated for 14500 batteries and would presumably be damaged by their use.

Size and ergonomics

This is a noticeably slim flashlight with a maximum diameter of 18.2mm in contrast to the classic Mini Maglite with a 25mm bezel. I think it would qualify as a pen light for many people while having substantially better performance than anything powered by two AAA batteries. The body is ribbed, providing good grip, and the switch is very proud.

Modification potential

A quick attempt to unscrew the pill with tweezers was not successful.

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