Review: Etsfoma Hatlight - the Stylish Alternative to a Headlamp

This Etsfmoa Hatlight was provided by a friend who thought I was the perfect person to have it.


Often when I'm responding to requests for flashlight recommendations, it's obvious what the person really needs is a headlamp, but they think it's not stylish enough or it doesn't match their hat. Etsfmoa (don't ask me to pronounce that) has finally addressed this market niche with a product that's both a hat and a light! Now there's an option that will let you keep your hands free while looking cool, or at least cool white.


Spec -
Battery Sealed Li-ion
LED 4x unknown
Color temperature Cool
Color rendering index Positive
Max output 106lm
Max sustainable output ~100lm (semi-regulated)
Max output at 50% battery 100lm
Head diameter Try not to get big-headed about it
Charging USB-A
Low Voltage Protection (LVP) Yes
Lockout No
Approximate price $13
Rating 🎩🎩🎩 (stylish)


  • Stylish
  • Cool (white)
  • Hands-free
  • Warm, but not hot
  • Comes in 40 colors


  • 40 colors and only one color temperature?!
  • Linear mode spacing

Details and technical analysis


The hatlight comes in 40 colors. This is the grey version.


The hatlight is the only accessory you'll need.

Modes and user interface

Press the button to cycle H->M->L->Off

Output, runtime, and efficiency


There's fast PWM in the lower modes. I didn't notice it visually, but it can affect photos.

Batteries and charging

The light unit comes out of the hat and plugs into a USB-A port. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the sealed, unknown-capacity battery.

Size and ergonomics

The hatlight is just a bit bigger than your head. It's comfy.

Modification potential

Get the white model and you can dye it any color you please.

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