Review: Thrunite Archer Mini

This Thrunite Archer Mini was provided by Thrunite for review.


The Thrunite Archer Mini is a small everyday carry flashlight with a non-removable battery, but similar to 1xAAA in size. There's a tail e-switch with shortcuts to low and high from off, but those (and strobe) are the only modes. The low is a fairly bright 18 lumens, far too much to preserve dark adaptation. It has a USB-C port under a threaded collar for charging.

One of the core features of any flashlight is the light it produces, and that's where the Archer Mini disappoints. With 351 lumens at power-on and 150 sustainable, there's plenty of it for a light this size, but the quality of the light is terrible. It's not just cool white or poor at rendering colors, common common flaws of mass-market flashlights. It's not white at all according to ANSI standards. It's green. It's so green that it wouldn't qualify as white if it was half as green.

For somebody who doesn't care about color, or dark adaptation, or having a flashlight with a shelf-life longer than that of a a Li-ion battery, this light is fine. I think we should care about those things though, and the Archer mini is not recommended.


Spec -
Battery Sealed Li-ion
LED Luminus SST-20
Color temperature 7012K
Color rendering index 69.3
Max output 351 lm
Max throw 83 m
Max sustainable output 150 lm
Candela per lumen 4.9 (floody)
Length 83 mm
Head diameter 16.7 mm
Weight 34 g
Charging USB-C
Operation while charging Yes, all modes
Low Voltage Protection (LVP) Yes
Lockout Electronic
Approximate price $27
Rating ★★☆☆☆ (not recommended)


  • The charging port under a threaded collar is convenient
  • A tail e-switch in this form factor is unusual
  • All modes are functional while charging
  • Compliant USB-C


  • Extremely green tint
  • Cool "white", low CRI (to the extent that CRI can be measured for an LED that isn't white)
  • Non-removable battery results in a light that's effectively disposable after a few years

Details and technical analysis


The Archer Mini comes in black, green, and tan body colors with a choice of cool or neutral white. This is the black, cool white version.


Included accessories are a USB A-C cable and instruction sheet in Chinese, English, Japanese, and German.

Modes and user interface

State Action Result
Off Click Low
Off Hold Low
Any Double-click High
Any Triple-click Strobe
Strobe (from on) Click Off
Strobe (from off) Click Low
Low Hold Lockout
Lockout Hold Low

Output, runtime, and efficiency

Mode Advertised Lumens Estimated Lumens Estimated throw (FL1 meters)
Low 18 18 19
High 405 351 83
Mode Estimated lumens Time to 80% Time to 50% Time to 10%
Low 18 8 hours 8 hours 8.5 hours
High 351 2 minutes 2 minutes 60 minutes

Light quality

Reading taken from the center spot diffused with DC Fix diffusion film using an X-rite i1Pro spectrophotometer on high, following the timed stepdown.

Color Temperature Tint Duv CRI CRI R9 (deep red) CRI R12 (deep blue)
7012K 0.0134 (extremely green) 69.3 -54.5 30.8

A tint Duv greater than +/- 0.006 is not white according to ANSI C78.377-2008. This light is over twice the allowable distance from white. CRI values for non-white light are not valid, but if they were, these would be very bad.


Versus Zebralight SC64c LE (right)

Batteries and charging

The battery is built in to the Archer Mini and is described as a 10440 Li-ion on the product page. It charges via USB-C, and all USB C-to-C power supplies I tested work.

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