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Tue 16 August 2022
Review: Skilhunt M200 - a useful everyday carry light with 18650 power, magnetic charging, and high CRI
Tue 21 June 2022
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Summer Solstice 2022
Mon 23 May 2022
Mastodon - a new way to follow and comment
Thu 19 May 2022
Review: Acebeam Rider RX - a fidgety high-CRI AA/14500 light
Sun 20 March 2022
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Spring Equinox 2022
Tue 21 December 2021
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Winter Solstice 2021
Thu 18 November 2021
New review tool: X-Rite i1Pro Spectrophotometer
Tue 16 November 2021
Review: Acebeam E70 FC40 High-CRI - Canned Sunlight
Wed 22 September 2021
Review: Thrunite TC20 v2 - a powerful, utilitarian light
Sun 19 September 2021
Review: Nitecore T4K - a 4000 lumen "keychain" light
Mon 30 August 2021
Review: Olight Warrior Mini 2 - a tactical EDC light with an unfortunate battery
Sat 28 August 2021
Review: Skilhunt H04F RC
Mon 21 June 2021
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Summer Solstice 2021
Mon 21 December 2020
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Winter Solstice 2020
Sun 29 November 2020
Review: Zebralight SC64c LE - my favorite everyday carry flashlight
Sat 28 November 2020
Review: Skilhunt M150, a slim EDC flashlight with high output, great color rendering, USB-magnetic charging, magnetic tailcap and the ability to use AA batteries
Fri 27 November 2020
Review: Thrunite T2 - a highly-efficient 1x21700 flooder with USB-C
Fri 09 October 2020
Review: Nitecore MH10 v2 - an all-purpose rechargeable light that's very versatile about batteries
Tue 23 June 2020
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Summer Solstice 2020
Wed 26 February 2020
Review: Wurkkos FC11 - an all-in-one 18650-powered everyday carry light with high CRI
Fri 31 January 2020
Review: Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia 144A
Fri 24 January 2020
Review: Acebeam UC15
Sat 21 December 2019
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Winter Solstice 2019
Fri 13 December 2019
Review: Acebeam TK16 - a small EDC triple with a tail e-switch and high CRI
Mon 18 November 2019
Review: Xtar ST2
Mon 23 September 2019
Review: Fenix LD02 v2.0
Tue 30 July 2019
Warranty report and teardown: Viltrox FA-D10
Fri 24 May 2019
Review: Lumintop FW3A - perhaps the ultimate flashlight enthusiast's EDC light
Mon 15 April 2019
Review: Oveready BOSS 70 - the most expensive flashlight I've ever used
Mon 15 April 2019
Review: Thrunite TC20 - a powerful house/car light with USB charging
Sat 19 January 2019
Review: Thrunite TC15, a powerful single-emitter EDC flashlight with USB
Wed 16 January 2019
Review: Thrunite T10 II, a 1xAA/1x14500 EDC
Tue 18 December 2018
Review: Thrunite Ti4, the almost-perfect penlight
Wed 28 November 2018
Review: Sofirn SP31 v2.0 18650 dual-switch
Mon 19 November 2018
Review: Thrunite T10 v2
Tue 13 November 2018
Review: Astrolux S43, a powerful EDC quad with USB
Tue 25 September 2018
Review: Wowtac A4, a low-priced, high-output 764m thrower
Wed 12 September 2018
Review: Thrunite TH30, the most powerful 18650 right-angle headlamp
Fri 24 August 2018
Review: Wowtac A2S, a budget right-angle headlamp with USB battery
Thu 02 August 2018
Review and safety evaluation: Olight H2R, an 18650 right-angle headlamp with magnetic charging
Thu 10 May 2018
Review: Rofis MR70, a multifunction flashlight/powerbank
Sat 14 April 2018
Review: Astrolux K1, a high-CRI USB keychain light with red and UV
Thu 22 March 2018
Review: Klarus XT12S, a multipurpose
Thu 07 December 2017
Review: Acebeam L30, a 20700/18650/CR123 tactical light with very high output
Thu 30 November 2017
Review: Haikelite MT07S, a high-output light with 620m throw
Fri 20 October 2017
Review: Haikelite HT35, a high-powered zoomable spotlight
Tue 10 October 2017
Review: Fenix HM50R, a compact angle headlamp that adjusts its brightness whether you like it or not
Fri 06 October 2017
Review: Klarus XT2CR, a slim dual-tailswitch light with USB
Wed 02 August 2017
Review: Acebeam L16, a rechargeable tactical light with long throw
Sun 30 July 2017
Review: Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50
Fri 07 July 2017
Review: Wuben T102, a large 1x26650 light with USB-C
Tue 27 June 2017
Review: Haikelite MT-01, a 3x18650 workhorse
Tue 13 June 2017
Review: Fenix TK25 R&B, an 18650 flashlight with high-output red and blue secondary emitters
Thu 11 May 2017
Review: Armytek Prime C2 Pro XHP35, a versatile 18650 EDC light
Wed 19 April 2017
Review: Klarus G30, a 3x18650 workhorse