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Tue 23 June 2020
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Summer Solstice 2020
Wed 26 February 2020
Review: Wurkkos FC11 - an all-in-one 18650-powered everyday carry light with high CRI
Fri 31 January 2020
Review: Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia 144A
Fri 24 January 2020
Review: Acebeam UC15
Sat 21 December 2019
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights, Winter Solstice 2019
Fri 13 December 2019
Review: Acebeam TK16 - a small EDC triple with a tail e-switch and high CRI
Mon 18 November 2019
Review: Xtar ST2
Mon 23 September 2019
Review: Fenix LD02 v2.0
Tue 30 July 2019
Warranty report and teardown: Viltrox FA-D10
Fri 24 May 2019
Review: Lumintop FW3A - perhaps the ultimate flashlight enthusiast's EDC light
Mon 15 April 2019
Review: Oveready BOSS 70 - the most expensive flashlight I've ever used
Mon 15 April 2019
Review: Thrunite TC20 - a powerful house/car light with USB charging
Sat 19 January 2019
Review: Thrunite TC15, a powerful single-emitter EDC flashlight with USB
Wed 16 January 2019
Review: Thrunite T10 II, a 1xAA/1x14500 EDC
Tue 18 December 2018
Review: Thrunite Ti4, the almost-perfect penlight
Wed 28 November 2018
Review: Sofirn SP31 v2.0 18650 dual-switch
Mon 19 November 2018
Review: Thrunite T10 v2
Tue 13 November 2018
Review: Astrolux S43, a powerful EDC quad with USB
Tue 25 September 2018
Review: Wowtac A4, a low-priced, high-output 764m thrower
Wed 12 September 2018
Review: Thrunite TH30, the most powerful 18650 right-angle headlamp
Fri 24 August 2018
Review: Wowtac A2S, a budget right-angle headlamp with USB battery
Thu 02 August 2018
Review and safety evaluation: Olight H2R, an 18650 right-angle headlamp with magnetic charging
Thu 10 May 2018
Review: Rofis MR70, a multifunction flashlight/powerbank
Sat 14 April 2018
Review: Astrolux K1, a high-CRI USB keychain light with red and UV
Thu 22 March 2018
Review: Klarus XT12S, a multipurpose
Thu 07 December 2017
Review: Acebeam L30, a 20700/18650/CR123 tactical light with very high output
Thu 30 November 2017
Review: Haikelite MT07S, a high-output light with 620m throw
Fri 20 October 2017
Review: Haikelite HT35, a high-powered zoomable spotlight
Tue 10 October 2017
Review: Fenix HM50R, a compact angle headlamp that adjusts its brightness whether you like it or not
Fri 06 October 2017
Review: Klarus XT2CR, a slim dual-tailswitch light with USB
Wed 02 August 2017
Review: Acebeam L16, a rechargeable tactical light with long throw
Sun 30 July 2017
Review: Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50
Fri 07 July 2017
Review: Wuben T102, a large 1x26650 light with USB-C
Tue 27 June 2017
Review: Haikelite MT-01, a 3x18650 workhorse
Tue 13 June 2017
Review: Fenix TK25 R&B, an 18650 flashlight with high-output red and blue secondary emitters
Thu 11 May 2017
Review: Armytek Prime C2 Pro XHP35, a versatile 18650 EDC light
Wed 19 April 2017
Review: Klarus G30, a 3x18650 workhorse